College Council

The College Council – Using student voice to develop excellence together.


  • Encourage students to initiate and participate in school affairs.
  • Plan and promote activities that provide opportunities for students to become involved in and develop our community cohesion
  • Create and maintain a school spirit that, through collaboration with students, promotes excellence.
  • Act as a voice for student issues through direct access to the leadership team and the governing body.

Power and Authority:

  • All council decisions are forwarded to the headteacher for consideration and ratification.


To be a council member students must:

  • Be full time
  • Maintain regular attendance and a good discipline record.
  • Be an elected member of a year council.


  • To represent the expressed views of the Year councils and speak on behalf of the student body as a whole.
  • Be approachable and open to listening to all students.
  • Assist with student council initiatives
  • Feedback Student council discussions through the year councils.


Full College council Meetings are each half term and are preceded and followed by Year council meetings to ensure that all forms have the opportunity through their year reps to have their views expressed and hear feedback on College and year council discussion.

Each meeting has 2 representatives from each year group (including year 12 and 13), a member of the leadership team of the college and an attached college governor. The agenda for meetings is generated from the student body and is shaped by the elected chairperson and the SLT representative. Minutes from council meetings can be found below.


Insert minutes from previous meetings (PDF files in folder)