You Said We Did

Your feedback matters to us

Parental views and opinions are very important to us. The feedback and suggestions given to the college in parental questionnaires, on our social media accounts and through the link below are valued by us. We act upon anything we consider will have a positive impact for the students and the college. 


You said

We did

“The younger students were having difficulty in the queues during lunch time.”  The system was changed twice to ensure each of our young people were treated equally in the queuing system and that others did not push in. The appropriate system has now been adopted - thank you for you feedback.
 “Some students were unsure what to do if the queue they were in ran out of food.” It has now been highlighted to students that they can approach any member of staff in the canteen to ensure that some food is available.
 “There should be more creative subjects on offer for Year 8 options.” We have added GCSE Photography, NCFE Design and Technology and a number of other subjects to our option choice list.
 “From previous feedback, parents had requested that the Parents' Revision Evening be earlier in the year.” The Parents' Revision Evening has moved into the Summer term of Year 10 rather than the Autumn term of Year 11.



If you have any suggestions, please click here to complete and submit our feedback form.