The college currently uses a biometric cashless system for the Catering service which has proved very successful. Our desire is to continue to provide and improve on the quality of the school meal service at our college.

We are sure you will appreciate the advantages that the system offers the parents and students of the college. The system will also enable us to deliver a more efficient, faster service and to continue to provide wholesome, healthy, and enjoyable meals at the lowest cost.

The preferred method of payment is online. An account for this will be setup for the student once they have started with full instructions of how it works. Cheques are accepted, made payable to 'SHTC' and handed into the finance office. Please write the full name of the student on the back of the cheque.

Any amount of money can be paid into your account held within the system, money spent on food will be taken out of the system and you can always check by using the revaluation terminal to see how much you have left. The college is also able to provide you with a report detailing each item of food served, each credit made to the system, for any time period and show a current balance.

There is a daily ‘spend limit’ programmed into the system of £6.00 which can be increased or decreased for an individual student by making a written request to the finance office. This includes purchases at morning break and lunch.

However, should you wish your child to continue to bring ‘dinner money’ to college, the facility for accepting cash payments for the day or a number of days will of course always be available.

However, all cash will have to be entered into the system by using the automatic cash terminals and cannot be used to buy food directly at the dinner counters.

They are programmed to accept £2 - £1 - 50p - 20p - 10p coins.

Lunch Menu

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Students' Introduction to the Cunninghams Impact Cashless System

I nformation - M anagement for - P oint of sale - A ccess and - C ashless - T racking

Catering Staff Objectives

To serve students healthy food as quickly as possible.

A more efficient delivery of the service helps the caterers provide wholesome, healthy and enjoyable school meals at the lowest cost.

College Objectives

To ensure all students are served healthy food within the stipulated time.

To solve the administrative problems associated with the ‘Free meal’ ticket distribution.

Student Objectives

Automatic free meal allocation with the anonymity this allows.

To alleviate the need for students to bring cash into the college.

Internet Payments

Applying for Free School Meals

If you think you might be eligible for Free School Meals or would like further information on this please go to or ring (01482) 394799 and they will be happy to advise.

Secondary Menus can be downloaded here.